A lot of media attention is given to Arundhati Roy’s involvement as a campaigner and supporter of the adivasis communities that are under incredible amount of threat and in danger of being wiped out from the hills and forests of eastern and central India.

This threat stems from the relentless mining that is taking place to dig up rich minerals such as bauxite, which are being mined by companies’ listed in the London and NY Stock Exchange.

A campaign of $42 billion, manned by 200,000 paramilitary and other special forces has been established in the area since September 2009 to eradicate all traces of the ancient adivasi settlement and to handover the land to the global mining companies who have bought rights to mine.

The event was organized by the International Campaign Against War on People of India, which was initiated in December 2009 to help bring focus and news relating to the events in India.

As Arundhati Roy put it bluntly and clearly, the act is one of self-colonization of India by India.  The poor and the lower classes are again being marginalized, so that the greater society of the middle classes can keep the fire of the 9.2% growth rate burning.  It is a fusion of the elite with the state.

A revelation to the debate was the role London plays in this, with the London Metal Exchange at its center.   The funding comes from London as well as New York, and the approval of these projects is provided by the big four accounting firms based in the city, which are happy to give a stamp of approval to companies like Vedanta (one of the main culprits of the mining in Chhattisgarth)  which is listed in the LSE.

In India, Rule of Law is not enforced, as it would have an immediate impact on the exploitation of the week by the strong.   In the process, the country is creating new definition of what modernity and civilization might mean.

As expected, Arundhati Roy was took the first punch from the first questioner in the audience.  The man accused her of hating India and asked her to think of good things about the country instead of publicly humiliating it.  She was very polite but firm in her response, stating that it is because she loves the country so much, its beauty and its nature and its less fortunate people that she is sitting in this room and trying to help and bring global media attention to the cause of he adivasis.

She hopes that the western media will awaken to this and begin reporting on the massive genocide being conducted by the government and corporate India (in collusion with Western companies) on the people of India.