Dream Villa 11, 2008

Last year I began to collect photography.  So far it is a very small and simple collection, however I am very excited at the prospect of not knowing where it will take me eventually…

This is the first of several images I will be posting on the blog.  I have some glass plates from Poland and India which I will be posting too.  The artist is Dayanita Singh.  Who’s magnificent work I have followed since the portrait set she created of the rich and affluent Indian families in black & white.  This image was part of the Indian highway exhibition at the Serpentine gallery in December 2008.  This actual image was displayed as blowup wallpaper in the gallery.  I prefere the intimate size of this 8×8 cm print.  The title is Dream Villa 11 2008, a C-type print that was issued as an edition of 100 with a special edition of Blue Book published by Steidl.

The image for me is a comment on 21st Century India, with  blood in its veins that is made of light, technology and speed, that is side stepping history, tradition and values of another era.