As a fine art photographer making work on India, artists’ books add an additional dimension to my work and are as critical to me as fine art prints, but with the added advantage that they are tactile objects that the viewer can interact with directly.

I started making artists’ books about two years ago.  At the time I was working on a project inspired by work and words of Gandhi and hence I strongly wanted to create a book where mechanical and chemical intervention would be minimal.  For this reason I turned to Keith Smith’s work in non-adhesive binding.

Keith is a master artists’ bookmaker and his five volumes are teaching me something new and important every time I open them.  I have self-taught myself Coptic binding from his books.

In this binding technique, each page is stitched to the book block as an individual sheet and each page has its own hinge that allows it to remain independent from other pages hence there is no pull or push effect and it also means that it opens completely flat. For a photographer working especially in landscapes this is the ultimate goal in making a book.


Copyright Brijesh Patel : Coptic binding stitch for “Salt” Land artists’ book.