On the 11th day:

Yes, it has taken me a while to get to this first entry.  At the moment I am in Norway, taking part in an artist’s residency for a period of three weeks.

I am on a small island of Halsnoy (59.8041°N 5.651°E), staying in a house build in 1840’s on the site of a monastery built around 1100’s.  Kloster Fjord, hills and trees surround us.  Water is everywhere.  Almost every window of the house has a view of water.  There is also the rain.  The play of light, clouds and rain keeps you on your toes.  There are barns and remains of the original monastery dotted around the main house.

It is achingly beautiful

What do I make of this place?  What is going to be final outcome of the stay?  There is uncertainty on all accounts.  In the mean time, I would like to share these with you.

The Red room:

The Green room:

The Green room.  Dani, the other artist staying here with me plays the piano, and the guitar in this room.  Tiny echos of escaping melodies can be heard across the house.

A Slow day:

One of the first things I had to become familiar with on the island is that to get off it there is a process which requires patience and planning.  Missing a ferry leaves you with no other option except to wait until the next one turns up.

Dani’s Tree:

Dani is fascinated with this ancient Ash tree.  It is the the oldest tree in Norway.  She goes and sits in it, photographs it, and I think even caresses the bark.  I like to watch it from my window.  It give me a feeling of reassurance.  It also reminds me of India, and the ancient banyan trees that are increasingly becoming a rare site.

A Letter:

Hand of Odin:

Two strange encounters in one night.  The tiny island is fully of surprises.


The baker’s husband told us that the next two days are going be stormy.   Last night, the clouds were floating past the moon in anticipation of the storm, giving us a glimpse of an almost full moon.  From the steps of the house down to the oceans edge, moonlight was penetrating and beguiling.