I wanted to begin this project in a part of India that I am not very familiar with, the mountainous region of Himachal Pradesh in the North.   When I work in India, I usually do day trips with a car and a local driver, and make work along the way.  However, inspired by the likes of Alec Soth and Simon Robert, I decided to rent a caravan of sorts to try and bring a degree of freedom and independence to the methodology of my work.

Caravan and motorhomes are a new concept when it comes to travelling in India.  A couple of years ago I had read an article about a man in Chandigarh who had made a motorohome out of a large minivan to feed his spirit of wanderlust, at the age of 80!  So I tracked his down, Mr Navjivan Khosla very kindly offered to rent is motorhome and his driver out to me!