I came across this book while traveling around the South of France this summer.  Published in 1908 in London, it is a book about the life and teachings of Buddha, told in verse form to Sir Edwin Arnold by an unknown Indian Buddhist.  Besides the beautiful writing, I was attracted to this publication because of 32 fine black and white images that accompany the verse.  They were created by Mabel Eardley-Wilmot in India and they depict serene images of Indian countryside.

Small, precise and with wondrous light, most of the images are a joy to see.  The start of the images is the light, captured with its play on Indian landscapes and couple of mid distance portraits.  Something I am

experimenting with right now is placing quotes (not captions!) with my own personal work, and once again this book show’s how much can be achieved by keeping things clear and simple.  Each images is overplayed with a transparent sheet of paper, with a quote from the verse, in bold  red.