In 2010 I was invited to take part in a commission from The Photographers Gallery in London to celebrate the London 2012 Olympics.  The idea of the project was to create a portrait of a person born outside of the UK who had made London their home.

204 nations are taking part in the London 2012 games, and so the project would create a unique identity of London with a set of 204 individuals, photographed by British and international photographers and the resulting project is called “The World In London”.

I was lucky enough to be able to get Greece, and a good friend in Greece put me in touch with Apostolos Gkoumas in London.

Apostolos agreed to take part in the project and from there onwards I began to research and think of the type of image I wanted to make. There was no creative remit except that the persons face should be visible.

I decided to make a portrait that would have a link with the art of the Ancient Greece and the beautiful statues in The British Museum became my inspiration.

One particular statue called “Head of Meleager”, a Roman copy of a Greek original from about 340-330 BC was the final motivation for the portrait.  Meleager was the hero who took part in the Caledonian boar hung of Aetolia.  The lost original statue has been associated with the mid-4th century BC sculptor Skopas.

You can see my work and rest of the amazing set of 204 images at Victoria Park in East London and at Park House, Oxford Street, opposite Selfridges.