In 1996 I visited Venice.  I had with me a medium format camera and rolls of black and white film. For the majority of my stay, I shot random images that I felt made Venice look beautiful.   Nothing special or original. Half way through my trip I came across a quote about Venice by avant-guarde Venetian composer Luigi Nono:

“In Venice you learn to watch and see the invisible and the inaudible, the stones and bricks, the darkness, the water, the light, the things that talk”

That day I decided to start making images with intent.  This artist’s book is reflection of that time spent in a city that is overwhelming beautiful and hence that much more difficult to photograph.

I am at the moment artist in residence at Light Work / Autograph ABP in Syracuse, New York

After multiple edits to narrow down the image selection, this is the final edit which I printed as 3″ x 3″ contact sheet prints to start making a narrative.

I fold couple of sheets of paper to create a maquette and start laying out the images in the folded book dummy to get a sense of flow. This project does not have a traditional narrative, but its a personal exploration of work that I made a long time ago and that I am revisiting as an artist’s book project.


The pages of the book dummy are folded into signatures to create the page flow of the artist’s book.

I being to print the book onto fine art digital paper, in this case I am going to use Bockingford inkjet, which is one of my favorite papers of all time!

The process of binding begins by first sewing the signatures together. The binding tape is fixed to an edge of a table to help support the sowing and keep the book bock steady.

The completed book block….

End papers are pasted onto the bock.

Head band and a ribbon come next…

After attaching the mull and kraft paper the spine is left to dry.

Boards are cut and the book cloth is pasted onto them for the cover.

Pasting of the book block onto the covers. A sticky and trick part of the process but an essential one!

The book is pressed overnight….here you can see the spine.

Almost there…..on the cover I made a raised platform for the front image.

And here is the completed book. It will be made in edition of 5 with 2 AP’s