Couple of weeks ago, driving around the rural areas outside of Vadodara, I came across street vendors selling old antique and vintage furniture.  Tucked away at the back of one of these sheds were some frames, and old photographic images.  After much negotiation, I acquired 10 frames, some with images.  All the frames are made of Teak hardwood, and show signs of aging.

The images are of local people around Vadodara.  Mostly acquired when local landowners have died and their possessions have been auctioned away before the family home being pulled down and destroyed.  It’s a common occurrence as most of the family members have little or no interest in preserving family history, and the move to the city has severed any links that they might have had with the family “haveli” tucked away in the countryside.  Hence these road-side dealers pick up stuff and sell it off to people like me.

The first image is of a gentleman shot at the “Royal Court Studio Rajpipla”

The lady in the sari has been delicately hand painted and glittered

The third gentleman is finely dressed, and I think it could be an owner of a local textile mill