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About Brijesh

Brijesh Patel

Born 1972, Gujarat, India

My family moved to the UK from India at an early stage in my childhood but the joy of photography came at a much later stage in my life.

I began collecting Brownie box cameras at car boot sales about 18 years ago. One of them had a roll of film in it. With the help of a friend, we processed the roll of 120. Out came a blank, damaged negative.

A decade passed, my collection of Brownies grew, but not my photographic output. I did however become interested in looking at traditional black & white photo journalistic and street photography. I began experimenting and slowly started making images for myself that had a little more thought than point, click and shoot. My interest grew, but my relationship with the medium was still cold, and impersonal. In the mean time, with a little help from my parents, I was persuaded to take up a Social Policy degree.

Through college and university, my interest in the visual medium grew, and it took another 5 years of life experience to decide that I wanted to become a photographer. I had identified (with) a subject that I wanted to photograph, India.

As a young boy growing up in London, seeing myself as British-Indian, my relationship with India was tenuous. All that passed slowly. With a subject to explore, in 2005 I enrolled at LCC for a Masters in photography. Following on, awards from The Guardian, and the Winston Churchill Foundation supported my earlier work in the UK and in India. This time allowed me to understand and distill my relationship with the medium and with India. So, through self-initiated projects, I have begun to explore my “idea of India”.



2012 – Halsnoy Tales, The Great Eastern Bear Gallery, London

2012 – Halsnoy Kloster, Norway

2012 – The World In London, The Photographers Gallery, London, UK

2012 – Kingsley Hall, London, UK

2012 – Before London 2012, London, UK

2012 – Australian Fotofest, Fremantle, Australia

2011 – This is Not That, Gallery Duboys, Paris, France

2009 – Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London, UK

2009 – Environment Photography of the Year, London, UK

2008 – Environment Photography of the Year, London, UK

2007 – The East African Asians of London, Bexley Hall & Gardens, London, UK

2007 – Dhaka, portrait of a City, London, UK

2006 – 24 London, Three European cities in three days for Visit London, UK

2006 – Inydenty-Zablizianie International Art Residency in Cieszyn, Poland

2006 – FotoGrafia International Festival of Photography, Rome, Italy

2006 – BBC “Who do you think you are?” at the British Library, London


2010 – Nominated for Prix Pictet 3

2009 – Environmental Photography of the Year, London, UK

2007 – Joan Wakelin Award, The Royal Photographic Society, London, UK

2006 – The Guardian / UnLimited Social Entrepreneur Award, London, UK

2006 – Magenta Foundation, 2006 UK Emerging Photographer, Canada

2006 – Winston Churchill Fellowship Award, London, UK


2013 – Light Works / ABP Residency, Sycrause, USA

2011 – Holstorm Monetary, Norway

2006 – The Art House residency “Patch the Border”, Cieszyn, Poland

2005 – Toscani Photographic Workshop “Focus on Monferrato”, Italy


2005 – MA Documentary Photography & Photojournalism, LCC, London, UK

1999 – MBA Masters of Business Administration, Middlesex University, London, UK

1995 – BA Economics, Politics & Public Policy, Goldsmiths College, London, UK


Private Artist’s Book Collector, Paris, France

University of Arts, London

Public Lectures:

2012 – Gandhi Foundation of UK

2011 – Halsnoy College, Norway

2011 – Power of Photography / Royal Photographic Society / Birmingham University, UK