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About Parchai


Parchai means “shadow” in Hindi.

Images are made with the play of light and shadow. The two give dimension and substance to shapes and faces. Surfaces become alive with detail and at the same time, generic beauty can become deep and special. These qualities for me make “parchai” a very special utterance.

Parchai is a place where you will find my work on India. Self initiated projects are available for sale in the form of limited edition prints, artist’s books and publication as well as exhibition installations.

Parchai blog is where I write about my experience with photography, collecting, seeing, reacting to and being part of. I am especially looking at photographic happenings in India.

Thank you for visiting my site. Feel free to send me a message from the contact page.

Should you wish to commission me, collaborate with me or buy my work, I would be happy to discuss.

You are also welcome to visit www.brijesh-patel.com to view other projects and commercial work.