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Artist Statement


“If there is a paradise on Earth, it is here, it is here, it is here.”
Emperor Shah Jahan
(1592 – 1666)

Each time I look into my ground glass, I see India. It is upside down and left to right. A democratic, capitalist, society where socialism and feudalism casts their shadow over the ever widening disparity between those in the center and those on the edges of the new social order framed by the desires and attitudes of the middle class.

As I journey deeper into the post-colonial layers of Indian landscape, I become increasingly aware of the distance that lies between the “idea of India” and being Indian today. The resulting intertwining stories of the ordinary humans and earthly landscape of India is what my camera gravitates towards. Moments where the singular bond that is becoming unstuck, which when pried open, reveal a multitude of sins hidden by superficial ideologies and forced traditions.

What I see in front of me, further affirms to me its eventual disappearance. The temperature of the hidden India that I seek is so volatile and particular to its core, that the act of making a photograph in this situation leaves every time a scare on my “idea of India.”