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Traversing the blistering contemporary landscape of Gujarat,  “Salt / Land & People” project retraces the seminal Salt March by Gandhi that laid the path for Independence.

Starting on 12th of March 1930, Gandhi walked a distance of 241 miles over 24 days from the Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad to the beach hamlet of Dandi in Southern Gujarat.  On 6th of April, scooping up a handful of sea sand and water he created the “Salt Satyagraha”, breaking the law that required Indians to pay tax on their own salt.  The subsequent ripples throughout the population eventually swelled into independence 17 years later.

My first excursion along the Salt March route was with a Polaroid camera and a notebook.  I wanted the experience to be loose and visceral.  The images and notes I made on this trip became my guide for the future trips.

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